Red Antifreeze Long Life
Product Specs

Product Code:


Freeze Protection:

Antifreeze content % in volume (out of 100 parts of the blend): -4°C 10%, -6°C 15%, -9°C 20%, -12°C 25%, -16°C 30%, -20°C 35%, -26°C 40%, -32°C 45%, -36°C 50%

Fields of Application:

Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life is particularly recommended for cooling and heat exchange of new generation engines for which an efficient aluminium protection at high temperatures is essential. It is thus indicated for cars, vans, heavy duty vehicles, earth moving machines, buses, etc. and for aluminium and/or cast iron and/or copper alloy cooling systems. The product it is also recommended for previous generation engines.

Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life guarantees longer working life. Please follow OEM’s Recommendations for maximum drain intervals. Extensive field tests have proven to provide protection for at least 650.000km (ca. 8000 hours) for trucks and buses; 250.000km (ca. 2000 hours) for passenger cars; 32.000 hours (or 6 years) for stationary engines. However, changing the coolant every five years or at above kilometers or operating times, whichever comes first is strongly recommended.

Performance Levels (Standards and OEMs): ASTM Standard ASTM D1384, ASTM D3306 / D4656, ASTM D4340, ASTM D4985; BRB BR 637; British Standard BS 6580; French Standard NFR 15-601*, FVV Standard FVV Heft R443 Germany; Japanese Standard JASO M325*, JIS K2234*; Korean Standard KSM 2142; MIL Standard BT-PS-606 A Belgium, DCSEA 615/C France, E/L-1415b Italy, FSD 8704 Sweden*; NATO Standard NATO S-759; Önorm Önorm V5123*; SAE Standard SAE J1034*; UNE Standard UNE 26-361-88/1.

(*) Meets the specification except for Alcalinity Reserve

ADE, Aston Martin, Behr, Cummins IS series & N14, Cummins (Wärtsilä) 32-9011, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) 325.3, Detroit Diesel Power Cool Plus, Deutz 0199-99-1115 (2), Deutz-MWM 0199-99-2091 (4), Ford (Ford – Jaguar) WSS-M97B44-D, CMR 8229, GM (Opel-GM-SAAB-Vauxall) GM 6277M (+B040 1065), GM (Vauxhall) QL 130100, Isuzu, Jenbacher, John Deere JDMH5, Karosa, Kobelco, Komatsu 07.892 (2001), Liebherr MD1-36-130, MAK A4.05.09.01, MAN 324 Typ SNF, MAN Steyr MAN 324, MAN B&W AG D36 5600, MAN B&W A/S, MAN Semt Pielstick, Mazda MEZ MN 121 D, MG-Rover (Rover), Mitsubishi, MTU MTL 5048, Paccar (DAF) 74002, Paccar (Leyland Trucks) DW03245403, Porsche TL-774 D = G 12, Renault (RNUR) 41-01-001/- -S Type D, Saturn, Scania TB 1451, Scania, Suzuki (Santana Motors), Thermo King, Ulstein Bergen 2.13.01, Volvo AB (Mack) 014 GS 17009, Volvo AB (Renault Trucks) 41-01-001/-S Type D, Volvo AB Trucks 128 6083 / 002, VW (Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW) TL-774 D=G 12, TL-774 F=G 12+, VW (Skoda) 61-0-0257, Wärtsilä (SACM Diesel) DLP799861, Wärtsilä 32-9011, Waukesha, Yanmar.

Levels of Performance:

ASTM D 3306 / D 4656, ASTM D 4340, ASTM D 1384, ASTM D 4985, BS 6580.

For the complete list of Performance levels please refer to Technical Data Sheet.

Innovative extended life antifreeze/coolant, highly biodegradable, for radiators and cooling circuits. Red coloured, based on ethylene glycol, free from silicates, borates, amines, nitrites and phosphates, it ensures optimum protection against freezing/boiling and avoids the phenomenon of corrosion for longer periods when compared to conventional coolants. Concentrate product to be diluted in water before use.

Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life is an innovative anti-freeze/coolant, highly biodegradable, obtained with a new carboxylic acid based technology (OAT – Organic Acid Technology) free from silicates, borates, amines, nitrite and phosphates.

Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life represents what is most advanced and available in the market. Recommended by numerous Car Makers and Constructors especially for its high performance. Mono Ethylene Glycol based coolant, Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life guarantees excellent freeze protection and minimizes summer boil over. Some conventional coolants leave silicate dropout and deposits in the cooling system, disrupting in this way working conditions and above all the cooling system life. Through its special inhibitors the product protects all metallic engine components against corrosion for a period superior to that of conventional coolants. Furthermore Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life provides superior pitting protection without using supplementary additives too.

Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life is a concentrate product to be diluted in water before use. To be mixed with water at any percentage. The absence of silicates and phosphates provide good stability also if mixed with hard water. Hard water (not excessively hard) is compatible: the product should be mixed with soft water. Do not use waste water, sea water, industrial waste water, etc. We recommend at least a 30% concentration of Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life to guarantee a good protection against corrosion and at the same time a freeze protection up to -16°C. However, for even better results, the optimal concentration (especially with Continental Climate) is of 50%, with a freeze protection up to -36°C.

Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life can be added to other types of ethylene glycol fluids even though, in order to obtain an improved protection for aluminium and longer drain intervals, we recommend to use only Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life. Mixing with other coolants should be done in exceptional circumstances.

Corrosion test according to ASTM D 1384. The test is made to evaluate the compatibility of Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life with metals most commonly used for cooling systems. The test consists of keeping metallic test pieces constantly plunged into a 33% solution in volume of Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life into «corrosive water» obtained by adding to distilled water 100ppm of sulphated ion, chloride, and bicarbonate. Temperature is fixed at 88°C and the test lasts 336 hours under agitation (air flow controlled 100ml/min.). In the chart below we report the typical values and the Specification limits of Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life compared to the ones requested by the ASTM D 3306 Specification.

Corrosion test of cast aluminum alloys according to ASTM D 4340. The test is made to valuate the compatibility of Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life with cast aluminum alloys commonly used for cylinder head engines. The test consists of keeping metallic test pieces constantly plunged into a 25% solution in volume of Pakelo Red Antifreeze Long Life into «saltwater» obtained by dissolving 165mg of sodium chloride in 750ml in distilled water. Temperature is fixed at 135°C and the test lasts 168 hours (one week) under controlled air pressure of 193kPa. The corrosive power is evaluated by measuring the weight change due to corrosion (mg/cm2/week). Those fluids that cause more than 1 mg/cm2/week are regarded as not acceptable for the application.

The product provides several properties both to Constructors and to the end consumer. The use of this special product guarantees:

  • better heat transfer properties;
  • better compatibility with new generation aluminium heat exchangers;
  • reduced maintenance especially during the warranty period (water pump, thermostat, cooling systems, etc.);
  • superior anti-corrosion protection for long periods;
  • application in mixed fleets (cars, vans, heavy duty systems, excavators, etc.);
  • more environmentally friendly thanks to the presence of carboxylic acids in the inhibitor additive package;
  • greater reliability due to the highly stabilized inhibitor agents;
  • difficult incidental ingestion due to the bitter taste of the product.
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