Risi Performance Oils together with Pakelo Lubricants offers more than 1,000 high quality performance products.

Left: Aldo Polacco (CEO, Pakelo Lubricants)
Center: Giuseppe Risi (CEO, Symbol Cars, Inc., Risi Competizione & Risi Performance Oils)

The relationship began in 2006 when Pakelo Lubricants collaborated with Giuseppe Risi, Team Principal of Risi Competizione, to provide a specialized gearbox lubricant for Giuseppe’s Ferrari only GTLM Race Team. Risi, as a satisfied and impressed customer, immediately became an advocate for the Pakelo Lubricant products. Their proven superiority in an endurance race environment was astounding.

Risi started promoting his successful use of Pakelo products after podium finishes in several endurance races, including two 1st place finishes in the F430GT and 2nd place in the 488GTE at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Man alongside many other races, including the manufacturers championship in 2007 and overall class championship for 2007.

In 2016, Risi Performance Oils was born. Giuseppe Risi was proud to be appointed the exclusive official Pakelo Lubricants distributor for North America and to bring Pakelo Lubricants to the US and Canadian markets for the first time.

Our Values

Risi Performance Oils and Pakelo Lubricants are both family owned companies. We have partnered to provide the best products in the lubricant industry. Together, we share an unparalleled dedication to serve our combined clients in North America. We also enjoy the utmost support for our companies’ employees to achieve these goals.

Our Commitment to Quality

Staying in line with our strict quality control measures and decades of successful distribution experience, we utilize our own packing and shipping facility done entirely in house in Houston, Texas to provide all manner of preparation for sale and distribution of Pakelo Lubricants products.

Our World Class Partners

Our partnership with Pakelo Lubricants products extends to all industries, including Automotive, Marine, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Motorcycle, Trucks, Industrial and also Food industries. We dedicate ourselves in growing alongside our strategic business partners and clients.

Our Delivery Standards

We remove all outside factors and focus solely on our customers and the final product being delivered in perfect condition. We use FedEx as our dedicated shipping company to ensure prompt delivery of our products to your door.

Dealer Opportunities

Join us in taking the next step to building a better industry.

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