Classic 70’s Gear Oil SAE 80W-90

SAE 80W-90

Product Specs

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PAKELO CLASSIC 70s GEAR OIL SAE 80W-90 is suitable for steering systems, drive units, final drives, gearboxes, differentials (not limited slip) and mechanic transmissions in general of classic car built from the 1970’s.

Levels of Performance:

Period Correct API GL-4 / GL-5

Additives contained in modern lubricants are not suitable for every vintage engine.

They are made according with different assumptions and for different components. Pakelo Classic line of lubricants was conceived to preserve the authenticity and motoring parts of classic cars and motorcycles, according with a calibrated specific working against tear and wear.

PAKELO CLASSIC 70s GEAR OIL SAE 80W-90 is a mineral based lubricant specific for gearboxes, differential and mechanical transmissions of classic car built from ‘70s.

The particular performance additive package confers high anti-oxidative, anti-rust, anti-wear, anti-foam and EP (Extreme Pressure) properties, excellent anti-corrosion protection and full compatibility with materials used at that time.


  • excellent anti-oxidative, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-foam, EP properties;
  • reduction in wear and fully compatibility with synchronizers (also made of molybdenum or bronze) and the correct friction coefficient;
  • contrasts efficiently the formation of lacquers, sludge, and deposits;
  • excellent thermal stability;
  • compatibility with gaskets, also at high temperatures: this enabling the product to operate efficiency without oil losses.

Wrong or inappropriate additives may cause serious damages to classic vehicles. For instance a wrong or ineffective detergents may cause contact between gums, oil deposits and the hottest engine parts, while an excessive use can cause the accumulation of metallic ashes in the combustion chamber of oldest engines and to the extreme reduction of oil deposits with resulting obstruction of connections and lubricating nozzles.

Pakelo Classic lubricants are meant to avoid:

  • The accumulation of metallic ash in the combustion chambers,
  • Excessive oil consumption due to gasket attrition or incompatibility,
  • Thickening at high temperatures with the formation of varnishes obstructing filters and piston bands,
  • Rust formation in the internal part of the engine,
  • Soot stockpile, metallic tear and wear and secondary combustion deposits
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