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Pakelo Central Grease is recommended for industrial central lubrication systems and/or for the central lubrication systems of trucks, buses, tractors, etc., when a semi-fluid grease with consistency NLGI 00 or NLGI 000 is requested.

Red coloured, semi-fluid grease, thickened with a lithium soap. It possesses good water resistance and maintains an optimum pumpability even at low temperatures. Specifically formulated for use in centralised lubrication systems of vehicles when a NLGI 00 or NLGI 000 consistency grease is required.

Pakelo Central Grease is a red coloured, semi-fluid grease thickened with a lithium soap. It is a high quality product formulated with highly solvent refined mineral base oils and special anti-oxidative, anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives. Pakelo Central Grease is specifically formulated for central lubrication systems: it guarantees excellent pumpability also at low temperatures and, thanks to the careful selection of raw materials, it is able to keep the starting consistency.

Pakelo Central Grease shows the following properties:

  • good resistance to water washout;
  • excellent protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion;
  • good shear stability even under high mechanical stress;
  • excellent behaviour with sealing components normally present in the lubrication system: it removes or it reduces oil leaks through gaskets or grommets;
  • ideal for central lubrication systems also working at low temperatures that require NLGI 00 and/or NLGI 000 consistency greases.
  • wide working temperature interval: recommended for working temperatures between -30°C and +100°C.
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