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PAKELO Multiplex EP Grease NLGI 2 is a multipurpose grease suitable for several uses in automotive, earth moving, agricultural, paper mills, marine and industrial sectors (in particular heavy duty equipment lubrication in steel and iron industries). PAKELO Multiplex EP Grease NLGI 2, thanks to its exceptional properties, is particularly recommended when required resistance to high loads, wear, high temperatures and water washout.

Typical applications are: chassis, couplings, wheel hubs; plate bending rolls; journal boxes and rolling/sliding bearings working from medium to low speeds; hubs and fifth wheels; mechanical movements in general; low to medium speed carter bearings; drive chains operating under the presence of vapours or abrasive dust or drive chains of industrial equipments such as sieves coal, and cement kilns hot rolling mills.

Hazel in colour, multipurpose grease thickened with a calcium sulphonate complex soap. It possesses exceptional EP, anti-wear, anti-oxidative, anti-corrosion characteristics, high resistance to high temperatures and mechanical stress. Multipurpose for the automotive and industry sectors.

Pakelo Multiplex EP Grease NLGI 2 is a multipurpose grease, hazel in colour, thickened with a calcium sulphonate complex soap. The product can be regarded as a multifunctional grease for the automotive (light and on/off road heavy-duty vehicles) and industry sectors.

Pakelo Multiplex EP Grease NLGI 2 is formulated with highly solvent refined mineral base oils and special Extreme Pressure (EP), anti-wear, anti-oxidative, anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives.

Pakelo Multiplex EP Grease NLGI 2 guarantees therefore many advantages as follows: it permits to reduce maintenance downtime intervals thanks to its superior long-lasting properties; it allows a reduction of grease leakages even under water washout and protects from wear. All these properties allow a wide variety of applications and a rationalised stock keeping.

Pakelo Multiplex EP Grease NLGI 2 shows the following properties:

  • very high Extreme Pressure (EP) and anti-wear performance that limit wear on surfaces and guarantee protection against heavy shock loads and/or vibrations. Particular additives allow to pass 4 ball test reaching a typical welding load of 500kg;
  • excellent shear stability even under high mechanical stress. Tests show that PAKELO MULTIPLEX EP GREASE NLGI 2 does not change its consistency even after extended working periods;
  • excellent protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion thanks to its specific additivation and naturally protective thickeners such as calcium sulphonate complex soap;
  • superior resistance to hot and cold water washout. If compared to common calcium and lithium (even complex) based greases, the product even in presence of water does not soften nor is removable;
  • easy pumpability (if compared to traditional calcium complex thickened greases) also in centralized lubrication systems requiring NLGI 2 consistency greases;
  • exceptional resistance to high working temperatures. The product can work between -30°C and +180°C (even continuously).
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