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PAKELO ATF DX VI is a synthetic lubricant recommended for automatic transmissions of latest generation cars with high number of gear ratios, requiring low viscosity automatic transmission fluids.

The product is also recommended for automatic transmissions of latest generation hybrid cars, for which there is the need to handle special and more stressing operating duty cycles.

Thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics the product can also be used also in manual, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic transmissions, torque converters, steering systems, hydraulic clutches, hydraulic systems and industrial applications when required an Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Warning: this product is not suitable in those automatic transmissions requiring Ford Type F fluid, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) fluids or DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) fluids.

Levels of Performance:

General Motors Dexron® VI, Jaso 1A LV / Aisin Warner AW-1 / AWF8F35 / JWS 3324 / NWS-9638, Aston Martin 4G43-19A509-AA-S, Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW G052533 / G055005 / G055162 / G055540 / G060162 / G US000162, BMW ATF 2 / ATF 6 / 8322 0 (142 516)/(144 137)/(397 114)/(432 807) / 8322 2 (152 426)/(163 514)/ (166 583)/(289 720)/(305 396)/(355 599)/(355 601), Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 68043742AA / 68157995AA / 68171866AA / 68171869AA / 68218925AA, Daewoo 93165147 / 93165414 / 93744589 / 93744590, Fiat 9.5550-AV2/-AV5/-AV6, Ford Mercon® LV/SP / WSS-M2C938-A / ATF C-ML5, GM Dexron® VI, Honda DW-1 / Type 3.0/3.1 / Ultra II / e:HEV, Hyundai/Kia/Mitsubishi ATF-J2 / SP-IV/SP-IV M/RR/SPH-IV, Infiniti/Nissan/Renault/Suzuki Matic -S/Fluid W / Altima Hybrid, Jaguar Fluid 8432 / 02JDE 26444, Jaso 1A LV / 2A, Jacto JR712E, Land Rover LR0022460 / LR023288 / TYK500050, Lexus/Toyota WS / THS-II, THS 5th gen., Mazda ATF-FZ/-F-1/-N-1/-S-1 / Skyactive-Hybrid, MB 236.12/.14, Opel/Vauxh./Saab 93 165 147/414/483, Opel/Saturn 88863400 / 88863401, Tesla Model S/3/X, Volvo 31256675 / 31256774 / AW TF-80-SC/-SD, ZF 6/8/9 speed.

Fully synthetic, fuel economy lubricant for automatic transmissions of cars with high number of gear ratios. Suitable also for latest generation hybrid vehicles.

PAKELO ATF DX VI is a high performance, high technology fully synthetic lubricant developed for automatic transmissions of latest generation cars. The product enables to increase considerably transmissions life even in both extreme climatic and working conditions.

PAKELO ATF DX VI provides the following main properties:

  • very high thermal-oxidative resistance;
  • excellent fluency at low temperatures;
  • superior EP and anti-wear properties (even better if compared to synthetic Dexron® III Automatic Transmission Fluids) that allow to enhance transmission life;
  • excellent protection from corrosion and great anti-rust and anti-foam characteristics;
  • outstanding reduction of sludge and deposits thanks to high detergent and dispersant properties;
  • very high shear stability even under high mechanical stresses: this keeps the viscosity properties of the lubricant very close to the starting conditions;
  • correct friction coefficient for longer period if compared to traditional Automatic Transmission Fluids (even Dexron® III fluids); this avoids vibration phenomena and allows correct gear shifting;
  • compatibility with gaskets;
  • longer oil drain intervals also in extreme working conditions.

Oil drain intervals are usually specified by OEMs. Their recommendations should be taken into consideration to guarantee transmission reliability.

PAKELO ATF DX VI is perfectly compatible with all the lubricants that have the same application. However, we recommend to avoid mixing it with other products for not undermining its exceptional properties.

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