Racing Transmission DLS 3
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Pakelo Racing Transmission DLS 3 has been specially designed for mechanical transmissions also with highly loaded hypoid gears, differentials, limited slip differentials, not synchronized and “transaxle” transmissions operating under heavy duty racing conditions. Due to high presence of friction modifiers additives, the use of the product in manual syncronized transmissions may affect shifting if compared to common not limited slip lubricants: for this reason we strongly recommended to previously test the product in manual synchronized transmissions before using it during races.

Oil drain intervals depend on type of transmission and on kind of competition and should be evaluated case by case.

Special transmission lubricant for racing cars.

Pakelo Racing Transmission DLS 3 is a high performance, fully synthetic, transmission lubricant specific for racing car transmissions.

The product represents the result of long-term Study, Design and Development focused to obtain an innovative chemistry suitable for extreme racing conditions.

Pakelo Racing Transmission DLS 3 provides the following properties:

  • exceptional resistance to wear and Extreme Pressures;
  • great anti-oxidative, anti-rust and anti-foam properties;
  • absolute shear stability. The product maintains its starting viscosity during service even when undergoing extreme mechanical stress;
  • effective LS (Limited Slip) properties. The product contains special friction modifiers that allow the use in limited slip differentials, reducing friction and stick-slip phenomena even under heavy loads: by this way the handling of the car and the power available from the engine are optimized;
  • very high thermal resistance and great control of deposits formation: this means, also thanks to synthetic base stocks used, excellent performance of the product even under very high working temperature conditions. Thus, great cleanliness of gears and friction coefficient retention are assured for the entire drain interval;
  • provides excellent compatibility with gaskets, also at high temperatures, enabling the product to operate efficiently without oil losses.
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