Antifreeze P.T. Puro A
Product Specs

Product Code:


Freeze Protection:

Antifreeze content % in volume (out of 100 parts of the blend): -4°C 10%, -6°C 15%, -9°C 20%, -12°C 25%, -16°C 30%, -20°C 35%, -26°C 40%, -32°C 45%, -36°C 50%

Fields of Application:

Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A is recommended for cooling and heat exchange of all engines for which an efficient protection at high temperatures is essential.

Levels of Performance:

ASTM D 3306 / D 4656 – SAE J 814, ASTM D 4340 – SAE J 1034, ASTM D 1384, AFNOR NFR 15-601, BS 6580, CUNA NC 956-16.

Special ecological antifreeze/coolant for radiators and cooling circuits. Green-blue coloured, based on ethylene glycol, free from amines, nitrites and phosphates, it ensures protection against freezing, boiling and corrosion phenomenon. Very high alkalinity reserve: 15. Concentrate product to be diluted in water before use.

Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A is an ecological anti-freeze/coolant for radiators and cooling circuits. The product has a particular and exclusive formula that decidedly prevent and protect against corrosion and/or deposits. Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A shows no handling risk: in this way the health aspect has also been considered. The formula aims at eliminating components that are dangerous to health and traditionally found in antifreezes: amines, nitrites and phosphates.

Mono Ethylene Glycol based coolant, Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A guarantees excellent freeze protection, minimizes summer boil over and provides protection against cavitation phenomenon. Through its special inhibitors the product protects all metallic engine components used in cooling systems against corrosion.

Furthermore Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A is not aggressive towards any kind of metal including those that are more easily attacked by acids like copper and welding alloys and particularly aluminium which is increasingly being used in the construction of engine parts, radiators and cooling fluid circulation pumps. The product also offers the highest reliability for the protection of all non-metal materials to be found in cooling circuits, such as radiator hoses and plastics.

Water dilution and miscibility with other antifreeze products, Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A is a concentrate product to be diluted in water before use. It reduces deposit formation even if hard water is used and therefore avoids decreases in thermal exchange. Hard water (not excessively hard) is compatible: the product should be mixed with soft water. Do not use waste water, sea water, industrial waste water, etc. We recommend at least a 30% concentration of Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A to guarantee a good protection against corrosion and at the same time a freeze protection up to -16°C. However, for even better results, the optimal concentration (especially with Continental Climate) is of 50%, with a freeze protection up to -36°C.

Pakelo Antifreeze Permanent Type Puro A when mixed with water, provides the following main characteristics:

  • lower freezing points and increased boiling point temperatures;
  • reduced corrosion and rust in the cooling system;
  • prevented foam formation within cooling system;
  • losses due to evaporation are avoided thus reducing the need for topping up;
  • greater protection from cavitation;
  • optimal anti-oxidative properties;
  • guaranteed maximum reliability in all types of motor vehicles;
  • its superior properties are maintained over long periods of time avoiding frequent renewals thanks to its high alkalinity reserve (15);
  • difficult accidental ingestion due to the bitter taste of the product.
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