Blue Coolant Hybrid
Product Specs

Product Code:


Freeze Protection:

Antifreeze content % in volume (out of 100 parts of the blend): -18°C 33%, -26°C 40%, -32°C 45%, -38°C 50%, -46°C 55%, -55°C 60%.

It is important to prepare coolant/water mix outside of cooling circuit and before filling it.

Fields of Application:

PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID is a protection fluid for cooling and heat exchange systems of recent
and previous generation engines. The product is particularly recommended for new generation cooling systems using last generation metal alloys and gaskets.

PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID provides longer working life and has been developed for cooling systems of light duty, heavy duty vehicles and stationary engines. It can also be used in cooling systems of latest generation hybrid vehicles.

Please follow performance levels and approval recommendations to know the suitable application for the product.

For maximum drain intervals (kilometers or operating times, whichever comes first) please follow OEM’s Recommendations.

Levels of Performance:

AFNOR NF R 15-601, AS 2108-2004, ASTM D3306 / D4985, BS 6580:2010, China GB 29743-2013, CUNA NC956-16, JIS K 2234:2006, ÖNORM V 5123, SAE J1034, SANS 1251:2005. Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW TL 774-C, Bez. Reg. Arnsberg, Dept. of Mining and Energy, BMW GS 94000 / LC-87, Daimler Truck DTFR 29C100 (325.0) / DTFR 29D100 (326.0) – Ready Mix, Deutz DQC CA-14, Jenbacher TA-Nr. 1000-0201, Liebherr Minimum LH-00-COL3A, MAN 324 Type NF, MTU MTL 5048, MWM TR 0199-99-2091-12 DE, Opel/Vauxhall B 040 0240, Porsche (for 924, 928, 944, 968), Saab 6901599, Volkswagen G11, Volvo Truck (until MY 2005).


Daimler Truck DTFR 29C100 (325.0), MAN 324 Type NF.

Engine coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol to be diluted with water before use. Hybrid coolant with based on organic acid salts and silicates. Free of nitrites, amines, phosphates.Engine coolant/anti-freeze based on ethylene glycol, with a corrosion inhibitor package based on organic acids salts and silicates (Hybrid Coolant). Free of nitrites, amines, phosphates. Concentrate product. TO BE DILUTED WITH WATER BEFORE USE. Suitable also for latest generation hybrid vehicles.

PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID is an innovative coolant/anti-freeze, easily biodegradable, containing a corrosion inhibitor package based on organic acid salts and silicates (Hybrid Coolant). It is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates.

Mono Ethylene Glycol based coolant, PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID effectively protects engine cooling systems against overheating, frost, corrosion and deposits. Through its special inhibitors the product protects all metallic engine components against corrosion for a longer period than the one of conventional coolants.

Water dilution

PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID is a concentrate product to be diluted with water before use. It can be mixed with water at any percentage and provides good stability also if mixed with hard waters.

The product should be mixed with demineralized, deionized water or soft water. It is also allowed the use of not hard tap water (water hardness less than 2,7 mmol/l). Do not use sea water, waste water, industrial waste water, etc. and water with chloride and sulphate content more than 100ppm each.

The optimal blend of coolant and water is at a 50/50 volume ratio. In this way frost protection provided is up to -38°C. To guarantee a good protection against corrosion we recommend the use of coolant in water between 33% and 60% in volume corresponding to a frost protection between -18°C and -55°C.

It is important to prepare coolant/water mix outside of cooling circuit and before filling it.

Miscibility with other coolants In order to obtain the best performance and longer drain intervals, we recommend using PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID only. Mixing with other coolants is not recommended.

PAKELO BLUE COOLANT HYBRID provides several properties both to Constructors and to the end consumer. The use of this special product guarantees:

  • better heat transfer properties;
  • better compatibility with new generation aluminium heat exchangers;
  • reduced maintenance especially during the warranty period (thermostat, radiator, water pump, etc.);
  • superior anti-corrosion protection for long periods;
  • application in mixed fleets (cars, vans, heavy duty systems, excavators, etc.);
  • more environmentally friendly thanks to the easy biodegradability of the product;
  • greater reliability due to the highly stabilized inhibitor agents;
  • difficult incidental ingestion due to the bitter taste of the product.
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