Ferrari Gear Oil

SAE 250

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Fields of Application:

Ferrari Classiche Differential Oil SAE 250 is a fully synthetic lubricant for differentials and steering boxes of Ferrari classic cars built between 1947 and 1969.

Levels of Performance:

API GL-4 / GL-5, API MT-1 (with LS additives)

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Fully Synthetic Lubricant for differentials and steering boxes of Ferrari Classic Cars built between 1947 and 1969

Ferrari Classiche Differential Oil SAE 250 possesses excellent characteristics against oxidation, rust, wear, foam formation and corrosion. The product provides high thermal stability and it is fully compatible with Ferrari synchronized transmission and gaskets.

EP (Extreme Pressure) additives effectively contrast micro-welding that can form on cogs’ surfaces preventing metal-metal contact and therefore protecting against wear problems.

Thanks to its special formulation the product can be used where an API GL-5 level lubricant is required. The compatibility with Ferrari synchronized transmissions (molybdenum or bronze ones included) plus the correct friction coefficient allow to extend the use of the product when an API GL-4 level is required.

The use of synthetic base stocks permits better performances with high working temperatures and, compared with mineral products, it further reduces evaporation losses connected with thermal stress and viscosity drop connected with mechanic stress.

The benefits of using Ferrari Classiche Differential Oil SAE 250 are:

  • Suggested in case of worn-out differentials;
  • Excellent thermal stability;
  • High viscosity index;
  • Excellent protection against corrosion;
  • High resistance to viscosity drop phenomenon connected with mechanical stress (high shear stability);
  • Special protection against oxidation, rust, foam formation, corrosion;
  • Outstanding EP (Extreme Pressure) Properties;

Regardless of the car mileage we recommend gear oil substitution every 2 years to preserve the integrity of the product features.

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