Bearing EP LC 23

NLGI 2/3

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Pakelo Bearing EP LC 23 NLGI 2/3 is particularly recommended for bearings also working at high temperatures and with presence of warm environment. The product provides remarkable technical and cost saving advantages, enhanced greasing and extended bearing downtime periods. Other typical applications are: rolling bearing operating in casting machines; hot rolling mill; cooling surfaces and slot furnaces for iron industry; oven conveyors; equipment exposed to heat sources (stoneware, cement and glassaware industry); trolleys for ovens; drying cylinders; hot fumes and gas exhauster systems; electric engines operating at high temperatures; wheel hubs for motor vehicles operating under heavy loads and/or vibrations.

High quality grease thickened with a lithium complex soap. It possesses high EP, anti-wear, anti-oxidative and anti-corrosion properties. Suitable for several uses where resistance to high temperatures is requested.

Pakelo Bearing EP LC 23 NLGI 2/3 is a high quality grease with exceptional multipurpose properties, thickened with a lithium complex soap. It is formulated with highly solvent refined mineral base oils and special Extreme Pressure (EP), anti-wear, anti-oxidative, anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives.

Pakelo Bearing EP LC 23 NLGI 2/3 shows the following properties:

  • very good resistance to high temperatures and in applications working under considerable temperature changes (good results also with temperatures up to +200°C with daily greasing);
  • exceptional anti-wear and Extreme Pressure performance;
  • good shear stability even under high mechanical stress;
  • excellent protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion;
  • good resistance to hot and cold water washout.
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