Greenplex EP E
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Pakelo Greenplex EP E is a grease suitable for joints, journal boxes, chassis, hubs, fifth wheels, low speed bearings (with Speed Factor less than 100.000), rollers for calenders, bearings in very low-speed gear units, generic mechanic movements, industrial equipments, chain transmissions operating also with presence of abrasive dust. Pakelo Greenplex EP E is particularly suitable for several uses in earth moving, agricultural, transport, heavy and processing industry, ports and marine facilities where, thanks to its strong thermal and mechanical resistance, it allows to extend drain intervals compared to a traditional grease. It can be used also when the use of graphite, P.T.F.E. and/or molybdenum disulphide products is not recommended.

Green coloured grease, thickened with an aluminium complex soap. It possesses high EP characteristics, exceptional adhesiveness, high water repellency and high mechanical resistance. Suitable for several uses in earth moving, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Pakelo Greenplex EP E is a newly conceived avant-guard grease, dark green in colour, thickened with an aluminium complex soap. It is formulated with highly solvent refined mineral base oils and special Extreme Pressure (EP), anti-wear, anti-oxidative, anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives. Of smooth and shining appearance, it has extremely adhesive properties and very high resistance to heavy duty mechanical stress. In fact the product does not change its consistency even after extended working periods and under severe mechanical stress.

Thanks to the special complex thickener Pakelo Greenplex EP E provides high resistance to high working temperatures and a high degree of water repellency.

Pakelo Greenplex EP E shows the following properties:

  • excellent Extreme Pressure performance, suitable also for use with loaded mechanical devices and bearings;
  • very good shear stability even under high mechanical stress;
  • excellent protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion;
  • good resistance to hot and cold water washout;
  • extreme adhesiveness which enables to avoid mechanical wear of lubricated parts being used also when contaminated with high percentages of water;
  • good resistance to high working temperatures: suitable for working temperatures between -10°C and +160°C.
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