Racing Engine Oil EVO

SAE 0W-30

Product Specs

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Fields of Application:

PAKELO RACING ENGINE OIL EVO SAE 0W-30 is particularly indicated for competition engines working at high revs and/or highly rated, such as gasoline engines also supercharged (with high supercharging pressure).

Oil drain intervals depend on type of engine and on kind of competition and should be evaluated case by case.

Levels of Performance:

Racing use only. Intended only for competition and high performance engines.

Very high performance fully synthetic lubricant for racing engines.

PAKELO RACING ENGINE OIL EVO SAE 0W-30 is a very high performance fully synthetic lubricant, specific for competition engines.

The product is the result of long-term experience developed during numerous races and after continuous scientific and technological research.

Thanks to its additives this racing engine oil guarantees excellent protection under extremely heavy duty conditions.

PAKELO RACING ENGINE OIL EVO SAE 0W-30 provides the following main properties:

  • Very High Viscosity Index that allows to maintain viscosities more stable in different ambient temperatures and working conditions of the engine
  • high shear stability: viscosity improver additives provide good resistance to mechanical stress and maintain, during service, viscosities of the product close to starting conditions
  • high anti-wear properties: the product is able to protect effectively engines at an extremely wide range of temperatures enabling it to be used in the most diverse climatic and working conditions
  • excellent anti-foam properties and great ability to quickly separate from entrained air: these characteristics further increase lubricant efficiency in particular in dry sump engines with air/oil separators
  • low friction: selected friction modifier additives allow to maximize mechanical efficiency and to increase engine power by decreasing friction in particular in cam-valve or piston-ring metal-metal contacts
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