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Pakelo Small 2T CBS is a lubricant to be used for preparing the blend for all two stroke engines with an air cooling system: motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, engines under high stress (chainsaws, brush cutters, leaf blowers, etc.) even subject to severe working conditions. Pakelo Small 2T CBS is also suitable for separate lubricators in modern scooters.

The product provides excellent performance in any application: urban service, extra urban, and other climatic conditions (also extremely cold). Guarantees a perfect functioning (also if by accident is added % level lower than average). The recommended percentage is 2% (the best % to observe is however that recommended by the Constructor).

Levels of Performance:

API TA / TB / TC, JASO FB / FC / FD, ISO-L-EGD, TISI, Piaggio Hexagon.

Synthetic based lubricant for all two stroke engines also heavy duty. Bivalent product suitable also for separate lubricators in modern scooters.

Pakelo Small 2T CBS, formulated with selected synthetic bases, represents an updated and reliable formulation for two stroke engines with high anti-oxidative properties and able to reduce to the minimum the formation of carbon residues. Thanks to the synthetic bases, the product shows a Pour Point and a Viscosity Index, improved compared to the mineral version and it can withstand high temperatures and high rpm typical of last generation two stroke engines.

Pakelo Small 2T CBS is formulated with special Low Ash additives (with low ash content) that enable to have efficient detergency and dispersancy. Limits to a maximum or removes any residues in the most critical parts of the engine. In particular the detergency property turns out to be fundamental for a correct cleanness of the combustion chamber where combustion residues form in particular next to exhaust ports and sparking plugs.

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