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Pakelo STOU Fluid SAE 10W/40 is recommended for the lubrication of engines, transmissions (also with wet brakes/clutches), power take offs, hydraulic, hydrostatic and steering systems of earth moving and agricultural machines when a STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) product is requested. The choice of correct Viscosity Grade has to be taken in respect of Constructors’ Recommendations and ambient temperatures.

Levels of Performance:

The additive package used has enabled, in the set Viscosity Grades recommended by Constructors, to meet the following Performance Levels:

TRACTOR OEM SPECIFICATIONS: John Deere JDM J27, Ford M2C159-B, Massey Ferguson CMS M1139, Massey Ferguson CMS M1144, Massey Ferguson CMS M1145.

TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS: API GL-4, Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2, ZF TE-ML 06B / 06C / 06D / 07B.

ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS: API CF-4 / CF / CE, API SF, ACEA E2, MIL-L-2104D, MB 228.3, MB 228.1, MB 227.1, MAN 271, (API CI-4 / ACEA E7-08 level of soot control), (ACEA E4-08 / MB 228.3 level of wear performance), (ACEA E7-08 / MB 228.3 level of piston cleanliness).

Synthetic based, universal lubricant suitable for the lubrication of engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, differentials, final drives and axles of machines also with wet brakes/clutches.

Pakelo STOU Fluid SAE 10W/40 is a special universal lubricant for agricultural machines that allows to simplify lubrication. The special and updated additive package used confers to Pakelo STOU Fluid SAE 10W/40 anti-oxidative, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-foam, detergent, dispersant, EP (Extreme Pressure) and LS (Limited Slip) properties: furthermore the product provides great thermal stability, protection from corrosion and good compatibility with gaskets. The use of synthetic bases guarantees better thermo-oxidative stability if compared to a mineral based product. Furthermore, the product provides reduced evaporation losses, better fluency at start-ups and longer lasting performance.

Engines’ emission are now ruled also in earth moving and agricultural sector even if emission limits result different from “on-road” field. Furthermore, drain intervals became longer and longer even in more severe working conditions. This means that lubricants for new generation engines can be affected by an increase in soot content and must treat soot to avoid higher wear rate (of cylinders, pistons, valve train devices), oil thickening (less pumpability during start ups, higher working temperatures and higher fuel consumption), soot agglomeration (filter clogging) and higher level of deposits.

Pakelo STOU Fluid SAE 10W/40 is an API CF-4 performance level lubricant with new dispersant additives that allow to satisfy more severe and more recent API CI-4 and ACEA E7 Specifications. This helps reducing to the minimum any issue due to high soot content. Pakelo STOU Fluid SAE 10W/40 is suitable for the lubrication of engines, transmissions (gearboxes, differentials, final drives, power take offs, hydraulic joints, torque converters, “powershifts”) and hydraulic systems. Furthermore, thanks to its Limited Slip characteristics and the optimization of fiction coefficient, the product can be used in machines with wet brakes/clutches.

Pakelo STOU Fluid SAE 10W/40 provides the following characteristics:

  • very good anti-oxidative, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-foam, EP and LS characteristics;
  • resistance to formation of lacquers, sludge, varnishes and deposits;
  • great thermal stability;
  • friction coefficient optimized to satisfy Constructors’ specifications concerning wet brakes/clutches, hydraulic joints, torque converters, “powershift” transmissions, etc.;
  • very good compatibility with gaskets even at high temperatures (this avoids any leakage of the product in the system);
  • very high engine performance;
  • single product solution for several applications.
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