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PAKELO AUXON II E is a multipurpose lubricant recommended for automatic transmissions of heavy duty vehicles.

The chemical-physical characteristics of PAKELO AUXON II E allow the product to be used also in manual, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic transmissions, torque converters, steering systems, hydraulic clutches, hydraulic systems and industrial applications when required an Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Levels of Performance:

General Motors DEXRON® III-H, Allison C4, Voith H55.6336.XX (G1363 Extended Drain),
MAN 339 Type V-2, MAN 339 Type Z-2, MB 236.9, ZF TE-ML 03D / 04D / 14B / 16L / 17C / 20B.


Voith H55.6336.XX (G1363 Extended Drain),
ZF TE-ML 03D / 04D / 14B / 16L / 17C / 20B (App. ZF000048).

Multipurpose synthetic lubricant for automatic transmissions, torque converters, steering systems and hydraulic clutches.

PAKELO AUXON II E is a high performance, high technology multipurpose synthetic lubricant
developed for automatic transmissions and powershift transmissions.

Modern vehicles and new transmission designs place greater stress on automatic transmission fluids. The trend of improving fuel economy performance and vehicle aerodynamics has caused less airflow for transmissions, thereby increasing operating temperatures. This, combined with reduced oil quantities in the system, results into severe thermal stress on the fluid. This technology is aimed at avoiding problems caused both at low and high working temperatures and to maintain the same performance and correct friction coefficient for longer periods.

PAKELO AUXON II E provides anti-oxidative, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties. It also provides Very High Viscosity Index, very low Pour Point, high Flash Point and high chemical inertia towards rubber gaskets.

The product has excellent fluency at low temperatures (Brookfield Viscosity is less than 20.000cP at -40°C) and furthermore it shows excellent resistance to oxidation and sludge formation (especially at high operating temperatures).

This means that it can be used under high thermal excursion conditions. PAKELO AUXON II E enables to increase considerably transmissions life in extreme climatic and working conditions.

PAKELO AUXON II E provides the following main properties:

  • very high thermal-oxidative resistance and excellent fluency at low temperatures;
  • superior EP and anti-wear properties for longer period if compared to traditional Automatic Transmission Fluids;
  • excellent protection from corrosion;
  • excellent anti-rust and antifoam characteristics;
  • reduction of sludge and deposits thanks to high detergent and dispersant properties;
  • correct friction coefficient for longer period if compared to traditional Automatic Transmission Fluids; This avoids vibration phenomena and allows correct gear shifting;
  • very high shear stability even under high mechanical stresses: this keeps the viscosity properties of the lubricant similar to the starting conditions;
  • longer oil drain intervals also in extreme working conditions;
     compatibility with gaskets.
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