Gear TS Plus

SAE 75W-80

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PAKELO GEAR TS Plus SAE 75W-80 has been developed for synchronized manual transmissions of passenger cars, trucks and vans, even working under heavy duty conditions. Thanks to its properties, the product shows a multi-vehicle versatility guaranteeing at the same time extended drain intervals and “fuel-economy” properties.

Levels of Performance:

API GL-4, BMW MTF LT-2 / LT-3 / LT-4, Fiat MZ6 / MZ7, Ford WSS-M2C200-D2, GM 19259104 (BOT 303) / 1940004 / 1940764 / 1940768 (SAE 75W-80), MB 235.10, Nissan MTX-XZ / MTX-XZ TL (JR Type), PSA B71 2315 / B71 2316 (HBVFE) / B71 2330, Special Honda MTF / MTF-II / MTF-III, Tranself NFJ / NFP / TRJ / TRP / TRT / TRX / TRZ, Volvo 97308 / 97309, VW G 009 317, VW G 052 171 / G 052 178 / G 052 512 / G 052 527 / G 052 532 / G 052 726,
VW G 055 512 / G 055 532, VW G 060 726, VW G 070 726.

Fully synthetic lubricant for manual transmissions of passenger cars, trucks and vans.

PAKELO GEAR TS PLUS SAE 75W-80 is a high performance fully synthetic lubricant for manual transmissions.

The product provides the following properties:

  • high anti-wear and EP (Extreme Pressure) capabilities, protecting components against wear under the conditions of normal and high loads and torques
  • very high shear stability: viscosity index improvers guarantee high resistance to mechanical stress and, during service, allow to maintain viscosities almost equivalent to new lubricant
  • very good thermal stability of the synthetic base oils used which allows the product to be used under heavy conditions and at high temperatures
  • very good oxidative stability that prevents oil thickening, formation of laquers, sludge and deposits and guarantees better cleanness of internal surfaces of transmissions
  • high anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties
  • great anti-foam characteristics that prevent oil film breakdown and maintain the protective oil film, enabling constant lubrication of mechanical components
  • good compatibility with all materials used in synchronizers: this helps the product to maintain a perfect gear shift during all drain interval
  • good compatibility with commonly used seals preventing oil leakages even at high working temperatures
  • excellent fluency at low temperatures (SAE 75W) enabling to improve significantly shifting performance during start-ups
  • “fuel-economy” properties which allow the product, even if compared to similar viscosity lubricants, to lower end users’ running costs and to be less harmful to the environment
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