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Fields of Application:

PAKELO GLOBAL GEAR DLS SAE 75W-110 has been developed for Limited Slip differentials and “Transaxle” transmissions also working under heavy duty conditions.

Levels of Performance:

API GL-5, SAE J2360.

Fully synthetic lubricant with Alpha-Tech for Limited Slip differentials and “Transaxle” transmissions also working under heavy duty conditions.

PAKELO GLOBAL GEAR DLS SAE 75W-110 is a special fully synthetic lubricant with Alpha-Tech formulated with selected base stocks and performance additives with a very high technological content. The formulation is the result of an innovative chemistry, studied for facing extreme working conditions and to optimize mechanic efficiency.

The choice of the correct Viscosity Grade must be made in compliance with the Constructors’
Recommendations and according to ambient temperatures.

PAKELO GLOBAL GEAR DLS SAE 75W-110 provides the following advantages:

  • excellent EP (Extreme Pressure) performance for a great protection of gears: the product contrasts micro-welding that can generate on cogs, avoiding metal to metal contact and wear phenomena such as scoring, abrasion, ruffle, and cogs stretching also of hypoid gears;
  • optimized Limited Slip properties: the use of a particular and specific Friction Modifier enables to use the product in Limited Slip differentials, reducing successfully stick-slip phenomena also under heavy specific loads;
  • compatibility with synchronized transmissions and possibility to use the product also in “Transaxle” transmissions;
  • Very High Viscosity Index that means more stable lubrication while temperature changes and furthermore improves life and operativeness of moving parts;
  • Very High Shear Stability (resistance to viscosity drop phenomenon due to mechanical stress) to keep the viscosity properties of the lubricant almost equal to starting conditions;
  • excellent fluency at low temperatures: this provides an immediate lubrication also under extremely rigid ambient conditions;
  • high thermal-oxidative stability and protection against sludge, varnish and deposits;
  • high anti-rust, anti-wear and anti-foam characteristics;
  • excellent compatibility with gaskets, also at high temperatures, allowing the product to operate efficiently without losses and/or leaking guaranteeing greater environment concern.
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