Global Gear DLS

SAE 80W-140

Product Specs

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Fields of Application:

GLOBAL TRANSMISSION TSR SAE 80W-140 has been developed for mechanical transmissions, final drives and steering units where an API GL-5 lubricant is recommended.

The product is recommended for use in every kind of climate conditions and working temperatures.

The choice of suitable viscosity grades must be made in compliance with Recommendations from Constructors and according to ambient temperatures.

Levels of Performance:


High shear stable fully synthetic lubricant for not limited slip differentials and manual transmissions also working under heavy duty conditions.

PAKELO GLOBAL TRANSMISSION TSR SAE 80W-140 is a special fully synthetic product formulated with selected base stocks and performance additives with a very high technological content.

The formulation is the result of an innovative chemistry studied for facing extreme working conditions in manual transmissions.

The additives used provide the following properties:

  • high anti-oxidation, anti-foam and EP properties;
  • excellent thermal stability;
  • high resistance to formation of lacquers, sludge, varnish and deposits;
  • reduction of wear;
  • excellent compatibility with gaskets, also at high temperatures (this enables the product to operate efficiently without losses and/or hot drawings);
  • low pour point;
  • excellent behaviour at low temperatures;
  • high Viscosity Index;
  • very high shear stability
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Furthermore, the adoption of synthetic base enables to use the product within a wide range of ambient temperatures and guarantees a longer performance life of the product. This means longer life of components and in particular a reduction of maintenance costs and downtime

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