Check-Up and Diagnosis

Thanks to the internal laboratory and the huge database developed along the years, Pakelo offers several consultancy services including:

  • Diagnostics with a problem-solving approach;
  • Clear and easy-to-read analysis interpretation;
  • Predictive analysis (GAP Policy) with the aim to prevent breakdowns connected to wear and malfunctioning.

GAP Policy (Preventive Analysis Management)

Preventive analysis allows to:

  • Know the exact state of mechanical parts;
  • Guarantee greater efficiency of mechanical parts;
  • Instruct on preventive maintenance;
  • Increase the life of lubricated parts;
  • Prevent any possible damage and/or excessive wear;
  • Obtain economic saving;
  • Optimize oil drain intervals;
  • Reduce costs due to down-times.

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Check-Up and Diagnosis

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